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Learn more about the Real ID Act
If you are age 18 and older, you must present two proofs of New Mexico Residency
If you are under the age of 18, you must present one proof of New Mexico Residency

All documents must be originals. No copies will be accepted.

The following are accepted by MVD as proof of New Mexico Residency (document must not be more than three months old and have printed physical address) MVD agents may accept no more than one document from each category below:

  • Real property rental agreement or purchase agreement
  • Utility bills, we accept the following:
    Water bill, Gas bill, Electric bill, Waste/Sewer bill, Land Line Telephone bill, Cable or Satellite bill
  • Insurance bill, we accept the following:
    Automobile insurance bill, Boat insurance bill, Home Owner’s/Rental insurance bill, Health insurance bill, Life Insurance bill
  • Bank  or Credit Union statement
  • Employment pay stub that contains the applicant’s name and address
  • A local property tax statement or mortgage document
  • Proof of minor child enrolled in a new Mexico public, private, or tribal school, we accept the following: School enrollment form, Letter signed by school official on school letterhead
  • Current valid motor vehicle registration
  • Original documents from a New Mexico community organization, or from a city, county, state, tribal or federal government organization, attesting to the fact that the applicant is a New Mexico resident
  • New Mexico medical assistance card or public assistance card

If you are under 18 years of age, the following additional documents are accepted by MVD as proof of residency (document must not be more than three months old):

  • Proof of enrollment in a New Mexico public, private or tribal school
  • Documents from membership in a New Mexico religious organization
  • Documents from membership in a New Mexico sports organization

Items NOT accepted by MVD as proof of meeting this requirement:

  • Cell phone bills
  • Any envelope showing your address
  • Any document containing a Post Office Box only

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